Create AI powered early-career recruiting programs.

Designed to help your team engage top talent faster, evaluate skillsets, culture-fit and personality traits better, and ultimately ensure optimal ROI.


Find the best talent faster.

Set talent preferences based on your company culture and interests e.g diversity. Evaluate for skill levels using project-based assessments. Build personality assessments that leverage our NLP engines to read, understand, and evaluate prospective candidates. Create programs that engage with students and early career talent long before you recruit them.


Skills Evaluation

By automatically matching skill requirements of your job roles to our project-based online courses, we effectively assess candidates, and only show you the best.

Culture-fit Evaluation

Using predictive analytics & behaviour models from industrial psychologists, we evaluate personality traits and compare against your company culture.

Broad Talent Network

Our pool of talent are typically relevantly up-skilled through the Accelerate platform hence you only get to see talent with relevant skillset and culture fit.

Gamified Engagement

Workforce enables organizations to design engaging game-like processes that help them connect with top early-career talent long before they're eventually hired.

Here's how it works.

1. Create a company profile.

Once you signup, our easy-to-use setup tools will help you build a page that showcases the best of your company, including it's culture, work tools used, and other benefits in order to appeal to the best candidates.

2. Specify your hiring needs.

Our Talent Mapping technology then allows you to specify the roles you are looking to hire for, the relevant skills you consider for each role, and what courses on Slatecube candidates have to complete in order to be eligible.

3. Onboard best-fit candidate.

Workforce™ then scores, vets and onboards talents into your organization based on their skills, qualifications and how well they match your company's culture. View what they even look like before you hire.

See how businesses leverage
the Slatecube Workforce™ platform.

Typical use-cases for HR managers .

Develop Intelligent Graduate Relationship, Experience and Recruitment Programs.

Create intelligent talent pipelines for engaging and recruiting top bespoke entry-level talent with requisite skill-set and desirable personality traits.

Run Effective Internship Programs.

We help you design engaging ways to assess and on-board best-fit students for your internship programs which could be delivered onsite or remotely.

Implement Internal Up-Skilling Programs.

Develop, host and run employee training programs with Workforce™. You can also use our in-built project-based online courses that cover both core and life skills.


Workforce is designed to enable businesses and HR teams make smart, intelligent and effective early-career hiring decisions. Let us help you get started today.

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What industry experts think.

"Slatecube offers the most advanced data-driven solution for recruiting and talent up-skilling. The more you use it, the better it improves your learning and recruiting processes."

Warren Hero, CIO at Webber Wentzel.

Webber Wentzel on Slatecube


Why Slatecube Workforce?

See what makes us unique.

Talent Upskilling

Our project-based online programs serve as a prerequisite to ensure that you only get talents with the skill-sets you need.

Zero Bias

We leverage smart adaptive algorithms and artificial intelligence to eliminate human bias and ensure complete meritocracy for each hire.

3-month Guarantee

We provide on-the-job support to every of our talent. However, if you don't find them to be a good fit after 3 months, we will replace them.

Success-based Fee

Our pricing considers both startups and large businesses. Pay as low as 5% of the talent's first-year salary when you decide to hire them.

Hire Only The Best

Before we even suggest and match talents with you, we ensure that these talents have acquired the relevant skills through either our project-based online programs or from other skill partners within our network. This is so you never have to worry about their ability to deliver!